Green Smoke One-Day Deal

Green Smoke is holding a one-day sale on their Classic Starter Kits – November 14th only – just $59.00. It includes a long battery, a short battery, a USB charger and home adapter, and a five-pack of cartridges. Their regular starter kits cost well over $100, so this is a great deal – snap it up for one day only!

One Response to “Green Smoke One-Day Deal”

  1. Megumi says:
    August 10th, 2015 at 8:47 am

    LOL holmes this is old! But etaxcly like you, I smoked like a freight train for 20 years, and started on e-cigs 16 days ago and have not touched an analog since. Fact is, I gots 4 packs in the shed in back untouched. I’ll probably throw them out tomorrow or day after I really can NOT imagine ever smoking tobacco again!I’m subscribing to your channel. I got an NJOY Pro and they come with Cartomizers now. A good vape! Vape Tha Planet Smoking SUCKS Thanks for the good video!AMD

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